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Board Changes

Accountant Kathy Allen (top left) has been an outstanding Founding Chair for PPFA. When approached to form a board to help those with pelvic pain, she did not hesitate to offer her voluntary time generously. Kathy has brought extensive board skills, organisational ability and equanimity to ensure that our organisation is efficiently and professionally managed. In particular she has worked to ensure that the schools education program planned for 2017 becomes a reality. Kathy Allen will continue with PPFA in the role of Treasurer. We are enormously grateful to Kathy and thank her sincerely for her selfless hard work improving the lives of those with pelvic pain.

Dr Susan Evans (top right) has taken on the role of Chair for PPFA as of January 2017. Dr Evans is a gynaecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and pain physician with particular interest in promoting the education and research required for fundamental and effective improvements in the way pelvic pain is managed in girls, women and men.


As some of you may be aware already, 2 of our amazing supporters have decided to ‘retire’ from the Board at our recent Annual General Meeting; we would like to acknowledge Carl Giardinazzo and Deanna Williams for their outstanding work.

Deanna is a journalist and Channel 7 News Reporter – joined our board with extensive skills in media, and assisted us in bringing the importance of pelvic pain to the wider Australian community through media.

Carl is the author of the book ‘Core Matters’ – The evolution of a pelvic pain sufferer has represented the unrecognised and frequently ignored needs of men with pelvic pain from the beginning of PPFA. While no longer a board member, Carl will maintain close collaboration with PPFA from his home in Melbourne.

A sincere ‘Thank you’ to both Carl and Deanna.



New Board Members

Dr Tonia Mezzini (bottom left) was appointed as a board member of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia in January 2016. As a sexual health physician she is committed to helping people with sexual and reproductive health concerns, in particular both men and women experiencing chronic pelvic pain. As one of the few specialists working with men’s pelvic pain in Australia, Dr Mezzini continues to further her work in this area and is dedicated to raising awareness and providing help for men experiencing this type of pain.

We are delighted to report that Meike Wise (bottom right) has joined the Board this year. Meike has a long history of pelvic pain symptoms and has previously been diagnosed with endometriosis. She is dedicated to helping girls and women that are experiencing chronic pelvic pain, self-manage their condition. Outside her daily job as a Project Team Manager for a city based IT company, Meike also co-founded the Endometriosis Network Group SA on Facebook and runs an endometriosis lifestyle blog that focuses on what women can do to self-manage their condition to make the best out of their daily life.