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Pelvic pain in women is so common it has been called a ‘Silent Epidemic’.

Yet, when asked many people may say that they ‘don’t know anyone with pelvic pain’. Why is this? Why don’t women talk about their pain to others?

Pelvic Pain is one of the last taboos of modern society. It is a pain women want to hide from others. It’s stigma affects every aspect of a woman’s life, from her parent’s or employer’s perception of her complaints through the lack of integrated health services available to the absence of pelvic pain as a worthwhile subject for clinical research.

Australia has no reliable data on the number of women affected by pelvic pain. However, this is estimated at 15% in the USA.

Despite this, Australia’s Health Policies and Strategy documents omit pelvic pain from the health plan.

Early intervention, public education and effective therapies have the potential to return women to years of personal health, with economic benefits to the whole community.


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The $6Billion Woman and the $600 Million Girl: The Pelvic Pain Report. XX

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