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On Tuesday, Annette and Graham Smorgon generously hosted the Melbourne Launch of PPFA. A widely diverse group attended, all motivated by the desire to see progress in the area of pelvic pain. Often it was an opportunity to meet that person they’d heard of or written to, for the first time.

Thanks so much to Lesley and Syl Freedman of EndoActive, and Lesley Brydon, CEO of PainAustralia who travelled from Sydney on a rainy night to attend.

Thanks also to Soula and Theo Mantalvanos of PudendalNerve, and politician Bruce Atkinson.

Professor of Neuroscience, Lorimer Moseley was our all-round masterful MC particularly resplendent in jacket and jeans following a red wine incident on his flight, and Eugenie Lee displayed the art that so beautifully and honestly reflects the distress and loneliness of pelvic pain.

Tiffany Brooks spoke on her own difficult journey negotiating pelvic pain through a variety of health services – and Shan Morrison spoke of her experience caring for men with pelvic pain.

Thanks so much to all who attended. The Foundation goes from strength to strength, with a strong future ahead.