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The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia sponsored some women to be able to attend the  2nd EndoActive Endometriosis Conference held in association with the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia at the University of Sydney in September this year. The following are responses from several of the recipients, we are incredibly pleased to hear from them!:

Dear Sponsor,

My sincere thanks for the opportunity to attend the 2017 EndoActive conference. Prior to attending, with my medical student hat on, I was prepared to learn the latest up to date information on the current state of endometriosis treatment and management. However, on attending I was personally overwhelmed (as a sufferer of endometriosis) with the sense of community and support amongst each attendee. This was somewhat unexpected and left me feeling more encouraged than even the updated knowledge and prospects of endometriosis research and action.
I would like to reiterate my gratitude for the opportunity to attend EndoActive, not only for the insight in knowledge but personal support I gained. I realise the long road to improving many aspects of endometriosis research and subsequent clinical outcomes, however, feel confident in the community of individuals commited to this and the support I now feel as a member of this strong community.

(Name withheld on request)

Dear Sponsor,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for enabling me to attend this conference. I live interstate and was not going to be able to attend due to the cost of flights and the conference so having this financial burden eased was a great help. It was an amazing conference! I learnt so much and it was a really inspiring day. In addition to all the learning, one of the most special parts of the day was networking with other women who have endo. I have made some great new friends and this was a truly wonderful experience.

Many thanks,

To the generous sponsors:

Being able to attend the 2nd EndActive Endometriosis conference earlier this year has been one of the best opportunities I have had. As someone who has been suffering silently for the last 10+ years, like so many others, it was beyond relieving to learn of this supporting and the accompanying informative community. The day was filled with information and guidance on problems, issues, illnesses and side effects that I myself was experiencing and had no idea that were all linked to this disease.

To say that I am grateful to you wonderful people that sponsored this conference and gave me this opportunity to attend, would be an understatement. The way I live my day to day life and approach things now has completely changed because I have been given the information and support that I was missing previously. I cannot thank you enough for the help and guidance you have provided me by allowing me to attend the 2nd EndActive Endometriosis conference, especially in a time when I was caught in a terrible limbo of misinformation to no information and no means or funds to change these circumstances. I only hope that other girls and women have such an opportunity and do not have to suffer quietly and under the blanket of doubt for as many years as I had. I hope that they too can attend such an event and be enlightened by how many others they have in their corner willing to fight for not only them, but for the recognition of this disease that has been crippling women for decades plus, unnoticed.


I would like to express my gratitude for your very kind generosity. There is no way that I would have been able to attend the conference without your help. I just didn’t have the money. I am having a lot of financial difficulties due to surgery complications and having so much time off work and so there was just no way I could afford it! After everything that I have been through in my personal life and all the evil and disasters that we see happening all over the world at the moment it is so nice to see that good still exists. I felt such warmth and love and compassion that somebody would do this for someone that they didn’t know.

Attending the conference was so beneficial for me, I got a lot out of it. I try to keep up to date with endometriosis news but this was my first conference and being in a room full of endometriosis warriors and experts and other supporters was so overwhelming.
I am going to make it a goal to attend whenever I can in the future. I left feeling more positive about my future and managing my pain. We have some amazing experts advocating for us and researching the disease, hearing them speak is very exciting and emotional.
Thank you for being so kind and generous and making such a positive difference in my life!


Dear sponsor,

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for enabling me to attend the EndoActive Conference. The day was informative, emotional and inspiring. I took away a lot of tangible advice and also benefited from the sense of community in the room. It was really nice to meet like minded people who could relate to your experience. I found all presentations engaging and relevant! I believe that knowledge is power and I walked away feeling empowered! The conference allowed me to gain some control over my body, mind and health. Thank you!!

Kind Regards,