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Endometriosis Endometriosis Laparoscopy The Big BIG Cost of Endo Tips and Tricks to recovering well from a laparoscopy

Endometriosis Pain Course

Research So Far On This Course… eCentreclinic has conducted   > 8 trials of this course More than 3,000 participants have enrolled in this course Published  > 10  studies evaluating


Endometriosis is a common condition affecting around 5 or 10 in 100 women. It is a problem because it can cause pain, scarring and sometimes trouble getting pregnant.

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain

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The book that answers your questions. How can I help my pain NOW? What is Endometriosis? Do I need an operation? What is causing my pain? Will I be able to have children? Do other women have this pain too?
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All profits from this sale support education, research and advocacy for girls, women and men with pelvic pain.

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PPEP Talk® Menstrual Education PPEP Talk® Menstrual Education for students in Grades 5-9 is Australia’s only Menstrual Education program developed in response to 2023 research

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