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Graham Smorgon AM :

Graham Smorgon AM

Mr Graham Smorgon AM is an influential Australian businessman, Past President of Carlton Football Club and Trustee of the Victorian Arts Centre Trust.

Over the years he has worked as Partner of law firm Barker, Harty & Co, Chairman of Smorgon Steel Group Ltd, Trustee of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation and Director of the Walter and Eliza Institute (WEHI)

It’s a life that has involved a lot of meetings, travel and sitting in chairs.

[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close" trigpos="below"]Previously in good health, Graham developed pelvic pain in his 50’s.Life changed. Spasms of pain made prolonged sitting impossible, woke him at night and disrupted the exercise he’d always enjoyed.As a man of influence, Graham’s work life and travel requirements adjusted around his pain needs. It’s a privilege he realises others with pelvic pain don’t always have.

Despite his ability to access a wide range of health care options, there were five years of assessments and procedures - none with lasting benefit - before his pain was diagnosed.

It was finding a specialist pelvic physiotherapist who understood pelvic muscle spasm and the need to ‘down-train’ these muscles that has given him relief.

His involvement with the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is motivated by his belief that this condition deserves to be better understood and talked about.

Being well has meant lifestyle change and continued involvement in a stretching and exercise program suited to his needs.

Graham Smorgon is currently Chairman of the GBM Group, Smorgon Consolidated Investment and Scental Pacific. He is also a director of Incitec Pivot Limited. [/expand]