An Introduction to Pelvic Pain

Looking for more information on Pelvic Pain?

This free, downloadable booklet is an intro to many of the common pain symptoms: period pain, bloating, bowel troubles, painful sex, bladder troubles, fatigue, anxiety, stabbing pains, pudendal neuralgia, headaches, migraine – and importantly, Chronic (persistent) Pain. Chronic pain is when pain has been present on most days for more than 3-6 months.

If the information in the booklet suits your situation, you’ll find much more in the full-size book Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain available from our online shop. The book includes instructions on how to manage a wide variety of pelvic pain symptoms, how to prepare for a laparoscopy, and stories of girls and women just like you.

To download your copy of the Introduction to Pelvic Pain Booklet click on the link below:


Introduction to Pelvic Pain 2019