Examining Experiences and Feelings about Diagnosis Delay in Endometriosis

Further Survey information This study is an online survey asking participants about their experiences and feelings about endometriosis diagnosis delay. Deakin University is seeking Australian adults who have been diagnosed with endometriosis or are suspected to have endometriosis by a health care professional (and hence, may be currently experiencing diagnosis delay in real time). The […]

Alyra Device Pelvic Pain Clinical Trial

Do you have period pain?  Alyra Biotech has developed a new intrauterine device (Alyra Device) to help people with difficult to manage period and pelvic pain, including people with endometriosis. Professor Louise Hull and the great team of doctors and nurses at PARC Research Centre located within the Royal Adelaide Hospital invite you to be […]

Endometriosis Pain Course

Research So Far On This Course… eCentreclinic has conducted   > 8 trials of this course More than 3,000 participants have enrolled in this course Published  > 10  studies evaluating this course We are conducting a clinical trial to investigate how helpful and acceptable people find an online psychological pain management program (the Endometriosis Pain Course), which is designed to […]

Pelvic Pain After Pregnancy

Around 1 in 4 women have some pelvic pain at 3 months after having a baby. That’s common. As many causes of these pains naturally improve, only around 1 in 10 women still have pain by 8 months after thebirth.   What causes pelvic pain after having a baby? Pregnancy and birth involve a wide variety […]

Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

What is pelvic pain in pregnancy (PGP)? Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to your body. Some people, including those who had bad period painbefore they became pregnant, may find they have less pain in pregnancy. Others, including some women who had no pain concerns before pregnancy, develop new pains associated with the muscles, […]

Men with Pelvic Pain

The relationship between estimates of puborectalis muscle stiffness made with shear wave elastography and electromyography in men with chronic pelvic pain

Menstrual Needs Study – UNIMELB

Please note that all surveys submissions have been obtained. We will keep this page updated with the future findings of this study when it becomes available. Exploring the physical, psychological, social, and medical needs of young women with heavy menstrual bleeding and pain This survey by the University of Melbourne aims to identify the needs […]

LongSTEPPP (Study)

LongSTEPPP stands for the Longitudinal Study of Teenagers with Endometriosis, Period and Pelvic Pain in Australia and is a 5-year study starting in 2022. LongSTEPPP believes that period and pelvic pain can be managed to prevent chronic pain and endometriosis. The study is for young people aged 10-18 years and their parent/guardian who have been referred […]