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Advanced, Research-Backed Male Underwear for Fertility and Post Operative Care

The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is committed to advancing men’s health, particularly in the post-operative phase, and improving male fertility through evidence-based solutions. We are pleased to introduce Cool Beans Underwear, a scientifically developed undergarment designed to support men’s reproductive health and pain. Cool Beans Underwear integrates a pioneering approach to thermal regulation, essential […]

Exploring Experiences Following a Normal Laparoscopy for Pelvic Pain

University of Melbourne Research Team: Principle Investigator: Prof. Sonia Grover Research Coordinator: Ms Sena Arpaci Summary: Our research focuses on understanding the emotional experiences and health-seeking responses of individuals assigned female at birth (AFAB) who have undergone a normal laparoscopy for persistent pelvic pain. Pelvic pain, a condition rarely discussed, often results in prolonged suffering for […]

Characterisation of Generalised and Vulvar Pain in EDS/HSD and/or Vuvlodynia

University of Illionois, Chicago – College of Nursing Dr Jennifer Glayzer PhD and RN Research Team:  Primary Investigator: Dr Judith Schlaeger (PhD CNM) Dr Jennifer Glayzer Dr William Kobak Dr Bethany Bray Summary: Women (or AFAB individuals) with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a genetic connective tissue disorder, have an alarming 77% rate of dyspareunia (vaginal pain […]

Understanding the Healthcare Needs of People Living with Pelvic Pain

University of Tasmania, School of Psychological Sciences Chief Investigator: Dr Leesa Van Niekerk PhD Researcher: Ms Cate Andrews Investigators: Dr Kim Jose, Dr Marie-Louise Bird Summary: This study aims to understand the healthcare needs of people living with pelvic pain through qualitative one-on-one interviews. The study is open to all Australian women and gender diverse […]

Female Genital Mutilation

When we think of FGM, we think of the physical changes to the structure of the clitoris and vulva. It is easy to overlook that FGM is also a condition associated with pain, and it may be the pain following FGM that is one of the most distressing and life changing aspects of FGM. FGM […]

Examining Experiences and Feelings about Diagnosis Delay in Endometriosis

Participant Acceptance has now closed. Future updates and findings of the study will be provided here.  Further Survey information This study is an online survey asking participants about their experiences and feelings about endometriosis diagnosis delay. Deakin University is seeking Australian adults who have been diagnosed with endometriosis or are suspected to have endometriosis by […]

Alyra Device Pelvic Pain Clinical Trial

Do you have period pain?  Alyra Biotech has developed a new intrauterine device (Alyra Device) to help people with difficult to manage period and pelvic pain, including people with endometriosis. Professor Louise Hull and the great team of doctors and nurses at PARC Research Centre located within the Royal Adelaide Hospital invite you to be […]

Endometriosis Pain Course

Research So Far On This Course… eCentreclinic has conducted   > 8 trials of this course More than 3,000 participants have enrolled in this course Published  > 10  studies evaluating this course We are conducting a clinical trial to investigate how helpful and acceptable people find an online psychological pain management program (the Endometriosis Pain Course), which is designed to […]

Pelvic Pain After Pregnancy

Around 1 in 4 women have some pelvic pain at 3 months after having a baby. That’s common. As many causes of these pains naturally improve, only around 1 in 10 women still have pain by 8 months after thebirth.   What causes pelvic pain after having a baby? Pregnancy and birth involve a wide variety […]