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Tips and Tricks to recovering well from a laparoscopy

skeleton pelvis

A laparoscopy is an operation where a gynaecologist puts a telescope through the umbilicus (belly button) to look at the organs inside. For many girls and women, a laparoscopy is one part of their pain management plan. Preparing well for a laparoscopy means a quicker recovery, less pain, less time in hospital, and a better […]

How can I help get PPEP Talk® into my State?

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We are often asked this question, and as we come to another Federal Budget, we need your help more than ever to get PPEP Talk®  into all schools, in all states. We have created a document to help you, help us. Please consider using the template to contact your local member of parliament (MP) to […]

Easy Stretches to Relax the Pelvis – Women

Stretching for women with pelvic pain

These stretches are designed to loosen the muscles inside and around the pelvis. Take the movements to a point of increased tension but never pain. Hold an easy stretch for 30 seconds and breathe mindfully into your belly. Remember to do both left and right sides, up to three times each. The exercises will help […]