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One Woman’s Story of Pelvic Pain

Before you read my story please note that it reflects my experience alone. It is my hope that my story will assist in raising understanding and awareness of pelvic pain in our community and is written for no other purpose. Some of the treatments I have tried may or may not work for you, though it is important that you always follow the advice of qualified health professionals. The important thing is that you give consideration to both cure orientated and management orientated approaches to pelvic pain. This process is individual and can take some time and is not always easy, so if this is you, hang in there! I decline to mention the names and locations of services and health professionals I have discussed in my story in the interests of remaining unbiased.

My name is Tiffany Brooks and I have experienced pelvic pain for over 15 years. My experience with pelvic pain began with particularly bad pain before, during and after my periods from the age of 16 while in high school. This quickly escalated to experiencing pain in my pelvic region almost daily and particularly severely just prior to and during my period. My high pain levels meant that I often had time off of school and the grades I had worked so hard for began to suffer. I often felt fatigue and flat and spent a lot of time in bed and sleeping. My pain meant that I had to give up many of the interests I had enjoyed outside of school, including long distance running. After experiencing pain for around a year, I began to seek professional help with the assistance of my supportive family.

How can I help get PPEP Talk® into my State?

Happy woman outside

We are often asked this question, and as we come to another Federal Budget, we need your help more than ever to get PPEP Talk®  into all schools, in all states. We have created a document to help you, help us. Please consider using the template to contact your local member of parliament (MP) to […]

Easy Stretches to Relax the Pelvis – Women

Stretching for women with pelvic pain

These stretches are designed to loosen the muscles inside and around the pelvis. Take the movements to a point of increased tension but never pain. Hold an easy stretch for 30 seconds and breathe mindfully into your belly. Remember to do both left and right sides, up to three times each. The exercises will help […]