For Health Practitioners

Men's Underwear reimagined.

Cool Beans Underwear is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to boost sperm health, improve recovery time after surgery, provide comfort and relief for pelvic pain and support those with incontinence.


Assisting Couples Fertility Journeys.

Did you know that on average, the testes are 2°C warmer when seated compared to standing and that fertility can decrease by up to 14% with as little as a 1°C increase in testicular heat?

Cool Bean’s has the solution. 

Utilising a patented air-flow mesh pouch, Cool Bean’s underwear allows the scrotum to sit higher on a man’s or AMAB individual’s lap instead of between their thighs, keeping the testicles cooler.


Reduced discomfort and recovery time.​

For post-operative care, doctors recommend keeping the organs elevated and supported after surgery as this will allow for decreased swelling and a faster recovery.

By repositioning the organs, applying an ice pack to either scrotum or penis is easy and comfortable.

Experiencing Incontinence or leakage post-surgery?
Utilise Cool Bean's underwear discreet pouch for convenient placement of incontinence pads.