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Do you experience endometriosis-related pain and associated symptoms? Do you live in New South Wales?

NICM Health Research Institute’s Associate Professor Mike Armour is leading the EndoCann Trial.


The research team are seeking participants to be involved in a clinical trial examining the efficacy and safety of two different medicinal cannabis interventions in people with endometriosis and associated pain. The study will also explore if the tested interventions reduce other symptoms of endometriosis, improve quality of life, and effect endometriosis lesion size.

Endometriosis a chronic inflammatory condition characterised by the presence of endometrial-like tissue outside of the uterus in the form of lesions. Many people with endometriosis find it difficult to achieve good pain and symptom control with conventional treatment strategies. Due to poor pain control, people with endometriosis turn to self-managing symptoms, including using cannabis.

The research team will be testing a CBD only oil compared to a balanced THC:CBD oil. The third group will receive a placebo oil that looks and tastes the same as CBD oil but doesn’t have any active components. All products will be provided free of charge.

The majority of the information captured in the trial will be collected online via an app. Participants in the trial will also be required to have a consultation with a medical doctor, blood tests for safety, and undergo a special type of ultrasound (tVUS) to visualise endometriosis lesions. There is also the opportunity for participants to have further ultrasounds throughout the study to track your endometriosis lesions over time. We will also invite eligible people to undergo cognitive testing to better understand the effects of medicinal cannabis.



  • People aged 18 years and over, who:
    • Are currently living in Sydney, Australia or willing to travel to Sydney for in-person visits;
    • Have a confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis via one of the following laparoscopy, MRI or Ultrasound imaging by a medical doctor with input from a specialist with specific endometriosis expertise;
    • Have not used any form of cannabis (including CBD products) in the previous three-months;
    • Report no current, or history of, hazardous cannabis use, or dependency;
    • Are not pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant in the next six-months;
    • If sexually active and pregnancy is a possibility, agree to using appropriate contraception throughout the trial period;
    • Have not had endometriosis-related surgery in the previous six months and do not have any surgery planned during the study period;
    • Have not started, stopped, or had a significant change in dosage of any medication used to manage endometriosis symptoms in the last three months;
    • Agree to not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking the medicinal cannabis products;
    • Possess a smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity

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