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Get Involved

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The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation formed to support research and education in this important area.

If you have found our site useful, please consider making a donation to the foundation (Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia).

Our Board and Ambassadors volunteer their time, and 100% of donations are used for the benefit of improving awareness, resources and services to those with pelvic pain, and supporting research.

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Research & Grants

The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia supports research through mentoring or financial assistance. We welcome enquiries from health professionals or scientists who are planning or undertaking research in the area of pelvic pain. PPFA encourages collaborative relationships with a range of partners and organisations to produce highly effective educational initiatives and improve research outcomes. 

Health Practitioner Learning and Networking

The Pelvic Pain Foundation offers many opportunities for Health Practitioners to upskill. A large part of this commitment to Health Professional Education is our Subscriber Network. All Health Professionals with an interest in Pelvic Pain are eligible to join our subscriber network, offering online learning, additional clinical resources and networking opportunities, including our Annual Health Practitioner Seminar.


The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is grateful for the generous support we receive from the many individuals and organisations, as well as our anonymous donors, who allow us to undertake important research, advocacy and education in Pelvic Pain.