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Health Practitioner Pelvic Pain Networks

For many years, health practitioners have identified the need to work collaboratively for best outcomes for their patients. Dedicated volunteer health professionals from all different clinical areas have come together with the purpose of improving interprofessional referrals, advocacy and education for Persistent Pelvic Pain. The members of the networks share the vision of PPFA to care for both sides of the consultation desk to ensure positive care for patients and sustainability of practice for clinicians. 

The goal of the practitioner Pelvic Pain networks

To create an interdisciplinary, supportive and connected community for health professionals working with people with pelvic pain

All Networks have a shared vision:

  1. All pelvic pain matters
  2. Collaborative connection between referrers for open dialogue and patient care.
  3. Create a greater understanding of each professions’ contribution to Persistent Pelvic Pain care.
  4. Sustainable referral networks in every region.
  5. Access to professional development delivered by clinicians who understand the pressures of practice, informed by cutting-edge research in pelvic pain.

Membership is inter-disciplinary:

  • General Practice
  • Urogynaecology
  • Advanced laparoscopic Gynaecology
  • Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Psychiatry
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Allied health, including:
    • Psychology
    • Physiotherapy (pelvic health and pain)
    • Dietetics and nutrition
    • Osteopathy
    • Exercise Physiology

Membership to each state-based network is free. The state-based networks support the benefit in PPFA practitioner subscribership for further access to resources for your clinic.

The Networks:

Queensland Pelvic Pain Network (QPPN)

QPPN developed from Queensland’s first public Persistent Pelvic Pain Clinic at the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane whose research demonstrated the effectiveness of multidisciplinary care for pelvic pain. Pelvic pain clinics make a difference. QPPN has grown to more than 180 members state-wide and supports referrals between primary physicians, specialists and allied health.

QPPN provides both formal and informal events to facilitate connections between like-minded clinicians to expand interdisciplinary referral networks. Members currently enjoy informal events and quarterly newsletters advertising network dinners, professional development opportunities and interviews introducing members and their professions’ contribution to pelvic pain management.

Joining the network will enable to receive updates from the state-based network and PPFA. If you have any other questions or comments, please email

New South Wales Pelvic Pain Network (NSWPPN)

The New South Wales Pelvic Pain Network (NSWPPN) are champions of collaborative practice for improved pelvic pain outcomes and sustainable practice. The volunteer committee of NSWPPN work together to foster interprofessional referral access and provide professional development in evidence-based, integrative care for ALL aspects of persistent pelvic pain.


NSWPPN Instagram page (@nswppn) provides regular communications about upcoming events and opportunities for clinicians to have a voice in PD events. Local ‘meet and greet’ networking dinners, a referral directory and formal PD events that webcast to regional networks are the core activities of the network.


Begun in 2023 via a relationship with the QPPN, NSWPPN was initiated by specialist physiotherapist Melissa Chapman and Gynaecologist, pain medicine specialist and laparoscopic surgeon Dr Jason Chow. Their experience in multi-disciplinary pain clinics and relationships with a wide array of passionate clinicians and researchers saw the rapid expansion of a committee and the development of a state-wide network. The first NSWPPN clinician-only referral directory was published in September 2023 and is the first of its kind to promote more direct access between clinicians for improved patient care. The NSWPPN Committee is comprised of 9 members spanning pain medicine, gynaecology, physiotherapy, psychology, advanced practice nursing and consumer experience. 


NSWPPN has ensured consumer experience remains an important influence in all clinician networking by including committee members and event speakers with a consumer’s voice.


NSWPPN events, social media and newsletters cover a range of pelvic pain conditions and clinician perspectives to ensure the visibility of each clinicians contribution. NSWPPN’s focus is developing hybrid PD events that allow for regional networking and connection to wider statewide resources. 


Get Involved

Your interest is welcomed. We value clinicians with a proven track record in collaborative care of persistent pelvic pain who seek to be regional champions in the Central West, North Coast, New England, Southern and South Western NSW regions. Champions would act as hosts for meet and greet dinners or small gatherings of clinicians for webcast events followed by local networking.

Pelvic Pain Victoria (PPV)

PPV is a Victorian founded Not-For-Profit Charity dedicated to facilitating collaboration between multidisciplinary health care providers to advance the understanding of complex pelvic pain and its management through education, research, and advocacy.

We are an organisation made up of health care professionals who are passionate about advancing and promoting an intersectional understanding of the impacts of complex pelvic pain on the Victorian community. 

Our team include numerous passionate and dedicated health care professionals including physiotherapists, gynaecologists, pain specialists, general practitioners, psychologists and nurses.

We facilitate educational seminars, evenings and conferences to enhance the collaboration and knowledge of health care professionals

Membership is currently free. We are going to add ‘membership’ to our website in 2024.