Teachers and School Staff

The ME Menstrual Health and Endometriosis Schools Program

‘The best presentation we have had in our health education program’

With 20% of teenage girls missing school with periods, pain at that time isn’t just ‘part of being a woman’. It’s a major educational and quality of life issues. Period and pelvic pain reduces the ability of Australia’s young women to fulfill their personal potential and contribute to society to their best ability. And that’s a big economic issue for all of us too!

Period pain isn’t just part of being a woman, it’s a major educational and economic issue. Period and pelvic pain reduces the quality of life of Australia’s young women, but it also reduces their ability to learn, work, pay tax, care for themselves and their families, and contribute to our society to their full potential.

PPFA has a strong commitment to the education of young women. We believe that  young women should all learn about what’s normal at period time, and what sort of things they should discuss with their health professional.

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