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How can I help get PPEP Talk® into my State?

How can I help get PPEP Talk® into my State?

How can I help get PPEP Talk® into my State?

We are often asked this question, and as we come to another Federal Budget, we need your help more than ever to get PPEP Talk®  into all schools, in all states.

We have created a document to help you, help us. Please consider using the template to contact your local member of parliament (MP) to advocate for PPEP Talk®, and in doing so encourage their support of the program in your state in the near future.

PPEP Talk® is looking forward to another year of delivering its positive and interactive education sessions in South and Western Australia. But what if you live in another state and are wondering how you can get PPEP Talk® to your school?

Who do I contact?

You can search for your local member of parliament (MP) and find their correct title and contact details here in the document titled ‘Mail Labels for Members: All Members Electorate Offices’.

If you are unsure which federal electorate you reside in, you can search for it here.

While it is most effective to contact your local MP, you could also consider contacting your state’s Minister whose portfolio relates to our topic area (Minister for Health or Minister for Education).

Set out the name and address of your MP in the top left-hand corner of the page. As a general rule, MPs should be addressed ‘Mr/Mrs/Dr/Ms, first name initial, last name, MP. For example:

Dr K. J Allen MP

Member for Higgins

1/1343 Malvern Road

Malvern VIC 3144

Politicians who are government ministers will have the title “The Honourable” prefixing their name. For example, Hon A. N. Albanese MP.

Start your letter as follows: ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘Dear Mr/Mrs/Dr/Ms Last Name’.

You are welcome to copy our draft letter below, please change all yellow sections as they relate to you and remember to remove the highlighting before sending and do not include this how-to document.

Sample MP Support letter

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