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Physio-led Workshop

Enhanced Pelvic Assessment

Our 2 hour physio led workshop is designed to improve your confidence assessing and managing persistent pelvic pain.

  • Gain insights into screening for musculoskeletal contributors to pelvic pain.
  • Learn easy to administer spine, hip and pelvic girdle tests.
  • Enhance your knowledge regarding detailed assessment of pelvic floor and other intrapelvic muscles.
  • Explore the importance of a trauma sensitive approach to care.
  • Appreciate the potential impact of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction on bladder, bowel and sexual function.
  • Understand the complex pathophysiology of persistent pelvic pain.
  • Make appropriate referrals for your patients.
  • Most importantly, develop practical tools to immediately implement with your patients to optimise their function and improve their quality of life.

Apply directly to your GP Consultations

2 Hours of RACGP & ACCRM Accreditation with CPD Points 

Our Educators​

Our Clinical Educators are spread across all states and ensure that schools, community and sporting groups, workplaces, and clinics, regardless of geographical location, receive high-quality pelvic pain, menstrual, and endometriosis education. Each Clinical Educator is a qualified health professional, bringing a wealth of expertise and experiential knowledge to our various programs.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Our team of Physiotherapists are highly qualified, with each physio possessing a post graduate training in women’s health, pain management and adult education. Each practitioner has worked in multidisciplinary teams to address complex pain and gynaecological conditions and understand the pivotal role of GP’s in connecting patients with a comprehensive range of care options.


This webinar comprises a one-hour online presentation followed by a 30-minute Interactive: Case discussion and Q&A session. These sessions are especially well-suited for healthcare practitioners and groups seeking to enhance their team’s expertise and harmonise their approach to addressing endometriosis and pelvic pain. The webinar encourages teams to reflect on their current management practice, identify ways that current management can be improved, and build team consensus on how this can be achieved.

For individual clinics we recommend one of two presentations that includes:

Presentation 1

  • Understanding and explaining the symptoms of endometriosis and pelvic pain
    • Patients with pelvic pain usually present with a wide range of symptoms, only some of which may live within the practitioner’s current expertise. This seminar encourages practitioners to reflect on the areas where they are currently not meeting their patient’s needs. It provides a wide range of potential treatments and allows practitioners to consider which of these options suit their individual communities.
  • Using resources to streamline consultations.
    • This topic explains how to use currently available resources to streamline consultations, explain complex concepts to patients, involve patients in their own care, and use questionnaires to measure patient outcomes over time.

Presentation 2

  • Understanding and managing pain flares
    • This topic includes the assessment and management of pelvic pain flares. With an increase in the tools available to GPs, this topic encourages practitioners to reconsider the need for Emergency Department referral, where the patient is not at risk.
  • Managing pelvic pain in couples wishing to conceive
    • This is a time when many treatments are ceased and unfortunately women are often told that nothing can be done about their pain. This presentation discusses a range of treatment options. It encourages practitioners to plan well for pregnancy prior to ceasing any medications, and to plan a broad multi-disciplinary approach to her pain management at this time.


Apply directly to your GP Consultations

1.5 Hours of RACGP & ACCRM Accreditation with CPD Points 


Associate Professor Susan Evans is a Gynaecologist, Pain Medicine Physician, Researcher and Chair of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia. She is the author of the book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ and has completed a PhD investigating the neuroimmune mechanisms underlying period pain, pelvic pain, endometriosis and the immune system. As a specialist, researcher and educator in the pelvic pain space for over 20 years, Susan is an experienced teacher, presenter and panel member. Her focus is to simplify and enhance clinical education for both sides of the consultation desk, in order to enhance patient outcomes and health practitioner workplace satisfaction. Through PPFA, Susan offers webinars and in-person seminars across a wide range of topics tailored to your clinic’s needs.


This three-hour, in-person workshop offers an excellent opportunity to elevate your practitioners’ skills, enhance the level of patient care, and optimise consultation processes.

The workshop commences with a presentation by Associate Professor Susan Evans, providing valuable insights into comprehending the big picture of pelvic pain and streamlining consultations. Following this, an experienced PPFA Physiotherapist will conduct a workshop, offering practical guidance on alleviating pelvic muscle discomfort, spasm, and pain.

To conclude, collaborate with Associate Professor Susan Evans to delve into pain management strategies while trying to conceive and explore specific options for reducing Central Nervous System pain sensitivity.

Workshops, Talks & Seminar

Physio-led Workshop – 2 Hour Talk At Your Clinic/Workplace  –  $2,000*

A/Prof Susan Evans Webinar – 1 Hour + 30 Min Q&A –  $2,500*

Physio-led Workshop – 2 Hour Talk At Your Clinic/Workplace  –  $2,000*

*All Workshops, and Seminars are exclusive of travel and accomodation costs