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Pelvic Pains

Pelvic pain is any pain felt below the belly button and in the area of the pelvis. There are many causes of pelvic pain. Some of these only occur in women. Others only occur in men, and many others can occur in either sex.

There are many different organs (bladder, bowel, uterus, ovaries, prostate), muscles (pelvic floor, obturator internus, piriformis) and nerves in the pelvis and your pain may have started in any one of these.

You may have started with a particular medical condition or pain, such as endometriosis or prostatitis, and now have a mix of different pains. When pain has been present for a long time, it is common for the pelvic muscles to become tight and painful. It is also common for there to be changes to the nerve pathways that carry pain messages to the brain.