PPEP Talk For Schools

Australian Schools Education Program launched


What difference would it have made to you if your pain had been diagnosed early, you’d been taught the latest information about pelvic pain, and guided to the latest resources and effective treatments when you were still a teen?


If you’d had a trained and medically supported presenter prepared to listen to your story and sort out what was and wasn’t normal. Right at the beginning, before you missed school and life’s opportunities?
Today the Federal and State Governments launched the PPEP Talk Program in SA Schools, as the first step to extending the program throughout Australia.

PPEP Talk will combine what we know about period pain, pelvic pain, endometriosis, and the new neuroscience of pain to students in SA in 2019. Libby Parker, program co-writer and PPFA board member was with school girls today. A big thank you to the parliamentarians who’ve worked to make this happen: Nicolle Flint, Gai Brodtmann, Greg Hunt, Nola Marino, Catherine King, Stephen Wade, and John Gardner. A bipartisan approach across State and Federal departments to benefit Australian girls and women. In particular, we’d like to thank Nicolle Flint and Greg Hunt who have been tireless in their determination to sort out the red tape and make it happen.

PPFA is ready to meet with any state government keen to provide PPEP Talk to their students.
Surely your state needs a PPEP Talk!


Details and media release on our website soon.

If your school would like a PPEP Talk, please email us at ppeptalk@pelvicpain.org.au

Those schools in South Australia will be able to register  their school in the program for2019.

Schools in other states will be able to register their interest to offer PPEP Talk to support their girls and families.

If your state would like to enquire about the PPEP Talk program, PPFA is ready and able to extend the program throughout Australia.