For Health Practitioners

PPEP Talk® Menstrual Education

PPEP Talk® Menstrual Education for students in Grades 5-9 is Australia’s only Menstrual Education program developed in response to 2023 research and delivered in person.

This 60-90 minute well-being presentation is delivered by clinicians who are skilled educators and are able to provide answers to student’s unique questions and needs. We support the critical role of teachers to smash the shame and taboo around periods, one classroom at a time.

The Program is linked with the Australian Curriculum within Year 5/6 Health and Physical Education, Version 9.0, under Personal, Social and Community Health strand and Making Healthy, Safe and Active Choices strand. For Year 7/8, Version 8.4, under Health and Physical Education, Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing sub-strand. For Year 9/10, Version 8.4, under Science, Use and Influence of Science Strand; and Health and Physical Education, Contributing to health and active communities’ sub-strand.

Our content covers the 2023 Australian Menstrual Education research, giving students knowledge that is missing in schools. It builds a confident mindset towards the menstrual cycle by addressing stigmas and common fears.

Students gain hands-on skills about how periods feel and how to manage them well. This includes period products and hygiene, confident recognition of normal bleeding, pain, discharge, common symptoms, self-help strategies and good medical care. Students learn about what a period is, why it happens, reproductive organs and hormonal cycles. We provide tools to foster curiosity and kindness towards the physical, mental, and behavioural impacts of hormonal changes. Students learn strategies to work with their bodies to thrive in school, sports and life during their period. Teachers receive resources to support their ongoing role.

What's Included?

  • 60-90 minute menstrual wellbeing presentation
  • Take home period and pain education resources for students and caregivers
  • PPEP Talk® notepad and pen A/Prof. Susan Evans’ hard copy book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ for the school library A Guide for Teachers and Schools, aligned with the National Curriculum, is given to every school as a teacher reference. This resource has curriculum links, further readings, follow-up activities and tips for parents and caregivers
  • Classroom resources for teaching the menstrual cycle, tips to reduce period and pelvic pain and stretches
  • Follow-up data, including statistics regarding student pain levels, enjoyment of the program and knowledge gained
  • Access to our FREE online PPEP Talk® Next Steps session for students and caregivers. To enable us tocontinue supporting young people with pelvic pain and their families, we offer an after-hours PPEPTalk® Next Steps session with Gynaecologist and Pain Specialist A/Prof. Susan Evans. This is designedfor those seeking more information and would benefit from a Q&A-style event

Type of Intervention

Wellbeing, social and emotional learning
Target Audience
Delivery Mode
Detailed Cost
Menstrual Education
Upper primary and lower secondary school students assigned female at birth and teachers grades 5-9
Face-to-face or online
The program is priced at $590 per session plus $10 per student. These prices are exclusive of GST. Regional engagements may incur travel expenses.

Implementation and Considerations

Program adaptability:

The programs have a flexible structure designed to adapt to the needs of specific cohorts, as determined through consultation with school staff and available data.


Time commitments for teachers and students is 90 minutes with 60 minutes of interactive, fun, engaging education and 30 minutes of question-and-answer. Staff are required to be present for student sessions to supervise. The program requires a nominated school wellbeing staff member to pre-brief the PPEP Talk® team and to de-brief post-program.

Training Requirements:
No pre-requisite training requirements.

Factors to Consider:
Program delivery will require the exclusive use of a school hall, library, classroom or similar space for 90 minutes with access to prepare this space prior to student arrival.

Australian Context:
The program has been developed, evaluated and applied in Australia.