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Healing Pelvic Pain

Healing Pelvic Pain

This is a book for the one in five Australian women suffering chronic pelvic pain.

For decades the biomedical model has prevailed, with many women going under the knife – often multiple times – to treat their endometriosis or being prescribed heavy-duty drugs for period pain without noticeable improvement.

Women with pelvic pain who haven’t been diagnosed with endometriosis suffer in silence with little support, often giving up after multiple attempts for answers and appropriate medical relief.

Prominent gynaecologist and fertility specialist Dr Peta Wright makes links between this condition and trauma-associated physical symptoms, which is now very well researched and documented.

Drawing on her extensive experience working with patients, many of whom have been through the medical mill, Dr Wright makes the case for a range of other treatments not usually prescribed, including an anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, stress management, and therapeutic work focused on addressing the effects of trauma in the body.

Thoroughly researched, compassionately argued and highly accessible, Healing Pelvic Pain aims to empower women to ask the right questions, get the right treatment, and make lifestyle changes that bring about release from pain.


Dr Peta Wright is a gynaecologist and fertility specialist. She completed her undergraduate medical degree with Honours at Monash University and obtained her RANZCOG Fellowship in 2013. She has completed a Masters of Reproductive Medicine and a certificate in Women’s Integrative Medicine. Peta is deeply committed to all aspects of women’s health care and founded Vera Women’s Wellness in 2021. She strives to take a holistic approach to optimising the health of women of all ages. It is Peta’s purpose in life to help women remember the magic and beauty in their bodies and help to create a society that honours women and supports them to feel safe in their bodies and in the world.


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