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Pelvic Floor Relaxation for Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Floor Relaxation for Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Floor Relaxation for Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain by Dr Patricia Neumann.

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This series of guided audio recordings is especially designed for people with persistent pelvic pain to learn how to relax tight muscles, especially the pelvic floor muscles inside the pelvis, which are often tense and a cause of pelvic pain. Yes, it is possible for the pelvic floor muscles to be too tight and in spasm. Learning to relax and loosen them can relieve pain and suffering, The recordings can also be used by anyone wanting to simply relax body and mind.

This guided program now comes with five tracks and a new User Guide.

Track 1 ( 30 minutes) trains full body relaxation, using Progressive Muscular Relaxation techniques, with calming breathing exercises and a special section on pelvic floor muscle relaxation.
Track 2 (12 minutes) trains breathing and body scanning, including scanning to release pelvic floor muscle tension.
Track 3 (3 minutes) is a new ‘mini-relaxation’ which can be done sitting down, anywhere, to take relaxation with you into your day.
Track 4 (3 minutes) is another new mini ‘grounding’ relaxation for people who prefer to focus outwardly to relax.
Track 5 is our wonderful music, as a stand-alone 20 minute track. You can play the music to remind you to breathe and induce a feeling of calm relaxation.

Disclaimer: People with pelvic pain should be assessed by a medical practitioner first to rule out causes of pelvic pain requiring medical attention. These exercises are most effective when used with professional guidance from a pelvic health physiotherapist, as part of a comprehensive pain management program.

Select the product that best suit your needs, according to whether you identify as a woman or man. The downloads are instantly available. CDs will be posted but may take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, CDs are only available within Australia.