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1. Complimentary Online Education Sessions on Cutting Edge Aspects of Pelvic Pain Management
Bimonthly Subscriber Sessions that are CPD Points Accredited (RACGP AND ACCRM)
2. Access to the PPFA Website Subscriber Login Section
This exclusive login section gives you access to articles, videos, clinical practice resources such as The Pelvic Pain Questionnaire & Followup Questionnaire for more effective appointments and patient resources including a suite of Patient Information Flyers and a free copy of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain by A/Prof Susan Evans.
3. You will receive discounts to Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia Events
Including the Annual Health Practitioners Seminar
4. Your Teenage Patients Eligible to Attend Next Steps sessions with Gynaecologist, A/Prof Susan Evans.
Free online information sessions for teens to learn more about their period and pelvic pain.
5. Optional Professional Listing on the Interactive Map on the PPFA Website
Our website practitioner database is a great way for new patients to find you.

PPFA Annual Health Practitioner Seminar

PPFA’s Annual Health Practitioner Seminar unites the Pelvic Pain Community in a weekend dedicated to networking and knowledge exchange. Renowned specialists, including Gynaecologists, Physiotherapists, Researchers, Surgeons, and experts in Pelvic Pain Practitioner mental health, converge to share insights and expertise through presentations and workshops. Join us for a transformative experience, where professionals from diverse fields collaborate to advance the understanding and care of pelvic pain.
Did you know HP Subscribers get discounted tickets?

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Subscriber Sessions

Subscriber Sessions, accredited for CPD Points by RACGP and ACCRM, offer bimonthly online presentations and Q&A sessions with various specialists in pelvic pain. Stay abreast of the latest research and treatments, enhance your skills by gaining insights from leading experts, and elevate the care you provide to your patients. Join us for a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise in pelvic pain management.

Recent Speakers

Anorectal Pain Conditions
Dr Chris Gillespie
Colorectal Surgeon


TENS Neuromodulation for Bladder and PPP
Fiona Rogers

Owner and Clinical Director of Online Pelvic Supply Store, Pelvic Floor Exercises

Highlights From the World Endometriosis Congress - Edinburgh 2023
A/Prof Susan Evans

Founder of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia

Optimising Hormonal Therapies across the Lifespan
Prof Stephen Birrell
Founder & Medical Director of Wellend Health


Novel Approaches to Complex Histories
Fiona Rogers
General Practitioner & Chair of Pain Management Specific Interest for the RACGP


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Monday May 13th
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Monday July 22nd
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Monday Sept 9th
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Monday Nov 11h
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March 25th, 2024
May 13th, 2024
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Sept 9th, 2024
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Health Professional Subscription

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Our subscriptions are designed specifically for Individual Health Professionals, providing access to AHRPA & RACGP Accredited Events, Seminars & Courses. Moreover, we regretfully cannot include clinics in our “Find A Health Professional” section. This is because making generalized statements about the expertise of an entire clinic may not accurately represent the collective knowledge and interests of every practitioner involved.

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