Pelvic Pain Victoria Online Symposium

Couldn’t make the date for the Seminar? A full recording of the Seminar is available to view at your own pace.

  • Can we measure Pelvic Pain? Dr Jane Chalmers
  •  Bladder pain syndrome. A patient journey from diagnosis to treatment: from physiotherapy, urology, urogynaecology perspectives.   Ms Alison Harding, Dr Kat Macleod & Dr Kristina Cvach
  • Pelvic Pain: What do we know and what is missing? Ms Amelia Mardon, PhD Candidate
  • Could it be Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? Mr John Rophael
  • The Uterus-CNS Neuroimmune Axis: How the uterus talks to the brain via the immune system  A/Prof Susan Evans
  • Botox: Pelvic floor Botox, why is it so hard to evaluate? Dr Emma Readman
  • Botox Panel -Botox case reviews on the couch  Dr Emma Readman & Dr Megan Eddy
  • Birth trauma: from lived experience to advocacy  Ms Amy Dawes
  • Trauma as the underlying cause of pelvic pain: Psychological assessment & treatment  Dr Sarah Ashton
  • Trauma-informed communication skills in chronic pelvic pain: What does the science tell us? Alison Sim, PhD Candidate
  • Trauma Informed Care – A Cornerstone for Perinatal and Pelvic Pain Healthcare  Ms Celia Bolton
  • Complex Pelvic Cancer Pain, multidisciplinary management.    Dr Jamie Young         
  • Systemic options for pelvic cancer pain management. Dr Aaron Wong
  • Interventional pain option for pelvic cancer-related pain  Dr Tim Hucker
  • A primary care approach to pelvic pain  Dr Sara Whitburn
  • Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder – Is it about arousal? Dr Anita Elias
Bookings for the live event have now closed. If you wish to purchase a recording of the event, you can do so below. 
Recordings are available until 24th March 2023.
This conference is for Registered Health Professionals only. Please do not register if you do not fit this criterion. 


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