Pelvic Pain Victoria Online Symposium

After a Covid-19 Break, the Pelvic Pain Victoria Weekend Symposium is back with a great line-up of speakers and topics, including: 

  • Can we measure Pelvic Pain?  Dr Jane Chalmers
  •  Bladder pain syndrome.  A patient journey from diagnosis to treatment: from physiotherapy, urology, urogynaecology perspectives.   Ms Alison Harding, Dr Kat Macleod & Dr Kristina Cvach
  • Pelvic Pain: What do we know and what is missing?  Ms Amelia Mardon, PhD Candidate
  • Could it be Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?  Dr John Rophael
  • The Uterus-CNS Neuroimmune Axis: How the uterus talks to the brain via the immune system  A/Prof Susan Evans
  • Botox: Pelvic floor Botox, why is it so hard to evaluate?  Dr Emma Readman
  • Botox Panel -Botox case reviews on the couch  Dr Emma Readman & Dr Megan Eddy
  • Birth trauma: from lived experience to advocacy  Ms Amy Dawes
  • Trauma as the underlying cause of pelvic pain: Psychological assessment & treatment  Dr Sarah Ashton
  • Trauma-informed communication skills in chronic pelvic pain: What does the science tell us?  Alison Sim PhD Candidate
  • Trauma Informed Care – A Cornerstone for Perinatal and Pelvic Pain Healthcare  Ms Celia Bolton
  • Complex Pelvic Cancer Pain, multidisciplinary management.    Dr Jamie Young         
  • Systemic options for pelvic cancer pain management.  Dr Aaron Wong
  • Interventional pain option for pelvic cancer-related pain  Dr Tim Hucker
  • A primary care approach to pelvic pain  Dr Sara Whitburn
  • Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder – Is it about arousal?  Dr Anita Elias

This two-day event is online only, with a face-to-face social event hosted on Saturday Evening from 1700-1900

Optional Social: Happy Hour on the Couch @ The Loft, Level 7 VCCC, 305 Grattan Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Registration is for both days.  Delegates can access the event online for a limited time following the live event. 

This conference for registered health professions only. Please do not register for this event if you do not fit this criteria. 


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