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Protectometer: The Explain Pain Handbook

Protectometer: The Explain Pain Handbook

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer is for anyone with persistent pain, who wants to understand the latest ideas in neuroimmune pain science – and use that knowledge to reduce their pain. Not just a book to read and forget, but a workbook to think about, write in and work through. The Handbook introduces the ‘Protectometer’ – a ground breaking pain treatment tool.

In this patient-targeted handbook, Dr David Butler and Professor Lorimer Moseley combine unique and original artwork with material that has been refined over the last twenty years. It helps you work out your pain aggravators and how to overcome them.

Co-author Dr David Butler, says that “it is no longer acceptable that pain be just managed: we must expect that it can be treated, and sufferers can alter it themselves through education.”

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All profits from this sale support education, research and advocacy for girls, women and men with pelvic pain.


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