PPEP Talk® – Results so far…

Of the 61 schools visited from  20th May – 31st December 2019:

  • 93.78% have had at least one period in their life, 3.07% have not had a period, while 3.15% of students did not have a uterus (boys).
  • 50.84% of students said they have experienced regular severe period pain over the last 6 months. And 42.44% said that their period has significantly interfered with their usual daily activities over the last 6 months.
  • 35.95% of students said they have experienced bowel and bladder pain in the past 6 months. 20.6% stated they regularly missed school or work because of their period over the last 6 months.
  • 24.63% of students felt sure there was something wrong with their periods over the last 6 months.

This data aligns with the MDOT Study, Parker, Sneddon and Arbon. BJOG 2010; ©Parker, Sneddon, Arbon 2010.


sStudents at Salisbury East High School, South Australia.

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Student Feedback

  • 91.67% of students said PPEP Talk® taught them things about the human body that they didn’t know and 90.27% of students found the PPEP Talk® enjoyable and informative.
  • 90.72% of students said PPEP Talk® would help them with their period pain in some way. The other 9.28% did not have their period yet, did not have pain or did not have a uterus (boys). 93.52% of students said PPEP Talk® would help them with their general health in some way.
  • 64.68% of students thought it was normal for girls to be worried by their period pain/symptoms before the PPEP Talk® but after 97.97% of students said they would seek help if they were worried by their period pain/symptoms.


Students have said:

  • Very helpful. I feel I have more options to help with my period pain now. Thank you
  • Very informative and interesting. Made me more open-minded about other girls and their periods
  • Have more of these sorts of talks at schools, it was really helpful
  • Supportive and open, made the topic somewhat comfortable and very informative

Students at Keith Area School, South Australia.



Teacher feedback

100% of staff who attended found the PPEP Talk® useful and age appropriate for their students. 100% of staff would like to see the PPEP Talk® come to their school again next year.


Teachers have said:

  • I learnt a lot myself as a teacher, now I can better support my students going through these pains. Great presentation.
  • I really enjoyed the speaker’s approach, she made it fun, informative, relaxed and comfortable for the students.
  • Very good presentation which created very valuable discussion amongst students

All boys PPEP Talk®

PPEP Talk® is a program for all students and we offer sessions for both segregated and combined groups. We ran an incredibly successful PPEP Talk® with 150 year 10 boys from St Michael’s College, with the students asking plenty of great questions about pelvic pain, period health, the menstrual system and how it affects them and the girls in their lives. We can offer PPEP Talk® sessions tailored to diverse groups for any school context.

St Michael’

St Michael’




St Michael’s College, Year 10 students, took part in the ‘PEPP Talk®’. Picture: Tricia Watkinson