For Health Practitioners

Pudendal Neuralgia – Mr Peter Dornan

Sports Medicine health professionals regularly have patients presenting with symptoms of pudendal neuralgia (PN). PN is a recognised cause of chronic pelvic pain in the regions served by the pudendal nerve

Men’s Pelvic Pain Video – Ms Shan Morrison

Men with pelvic pain often suffer in silence, unsure of where to go, and who can help them. Ms Shan Morrison is a physio in Melbourne highly experienced in the management of pelvic pain in men and women.

Men’s Pelvic Pain Video

Karl Monahan is a massage therapist from the UK, whose experience of testicular pain provided focus for his career working with men with pelvic pain. His Youtube video, interviewed by FemFusion Fitness is a must view for men with pain.

One Man’s Story of Chronic Pelvic Pain

I had pelvic pain for four years! My private regions were so sensitive to touch that when the doctor examined my rectum it was like murder! At first, I started having urinary frequency where I had to go to the toilet every 30 minutes. Then it started hurting every time I passed bowel motions. It was difficult to have sex because when I had an erection or ejaculated I had pain. Even sitting down or walking with hard shoes was unbearable and I had to wear loose fitting underwear. After seeing multiple doctors and urologists and having a dozen investigations come back normal, everyone said there was nothing wrong with me.